bltv satellite

Via Satellite: Freesat or Sky

By choosing the satellite option you can either have Freesat or Sky.

  • Sky – subscription packages are available
  • Freesat – subscription free, currently over 150 channels and Choose Freesat HD to enjoy many free HD channels.
  • FreeSat+ will enable you to pause, rewind and record TV
  • Freetime  to watch catch up TV
  • Sky HD is the subscription viewing service from Sky offering superb quality pictures in high definition
  • Sky Multiroom is an add on service from sky which allows you to use a multiroom box to view different sky channels in both rooms

We can offer to distribute Sky signals to multiple rooms

This also allows you to control all sky box functions from any room by using magic eyes and extra sky remotes. Although you cannot watch different channels in every room,(ie if the channel you are watching is sky1, it is available in all rooms). This is achieved by routing coaxial cable to the required room.

BLTV are Experts at successfully completing the following work:

  • Sky engineer would not access the chimney to mount a dish
  • Desired location of dish too high
  • Sky engineer would not route cable through loft
  • Surrounded by tall trees
  • Second dish required but not allowed
  • Three storey property

Discrete cabling required by customer:

  • Cables buried in wall, invisible cable installation
  • Cables installed under floor boards
  • listed building installation with no visible cables